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Assembling the quintessential American dream takes time – you need a white picket fence, for starters. You also need a plot of land to call your own and we can help. Whether you’re a veteran homeowner or hunting for your first property, you can trust Rockwell Homes for your custom build and renovation needs.

Home construction runs in our family with Owners Aaron Wiswell, Rock Bisson, and Rock Bisson Sr. who opened his own doors for business in 2004 after learning the tricks of the trade from his father. Three generations of expertise at your service. Call us at 207-457-1600 to request more information about home rehabilitation, remodeling and construction in Southern Maine and the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Put down roots in this beautiful area so you can watch the sun rise and set over your personal American dream!

Come See us in our New Show Room Conveniently Located at 89 Rt 236 in Kittery, Maine !

The Rockwell new home construction process is simple. Request a mock up of your new home today! You may have contacted us on your own or asked your realtor for the most professional and reliable local contractors. Regardless of how you found us, you can meet with Rockwell Homes to discuss your budget, ideal location and expectations. We’ll transform that conversation into a series of sketches for your review as your new home takes shape! Call us @ 207-457-1600 for your free consultation and lets get started!

Kennebunk, Maine Fall 2016 "The Dora" (Click Picture To See More!)

5 traits of a reliable custom home contractor

  • Drafts Detailed Contracts
  • Offers Comprehensive Estimates
  • Communicates Often and Clearly
  • Provides Numerous References
  • Maintains Current Licenses

Rockwell and their Southern Maine and NH contractors have set the standard for reliability. We possess the traits you’ve come to expect and deserve from service professionals. Schedule your initial consultation and start imagining life in your brand new home!

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